NoMI Spa Wellness Tip: Winter Rejuvenation


The winter months can bring with them a lack of nourishment; combat the season with a wellness tip from our NoMI Spa associates:

Bounce into the upcoming winter months by improving your nutritional balance and boosting your immune system with antioxidant-rich foods. Wintry foods that are rich in antioxidants can help keep you healthy this winter. Treat yourself to oranges, grapefruits, pomegranates, and even red wine! Also, be sure to enjoy the benefits of relaxing steam baths infused with essential oils; soak in the tub or warm up in the shower with eucalyptus essential oils that aid in respiratory relief, ease muscle pain, and decrease the jet lag from all of your holiday travels. Encompass the NoMI Spa lifestyle this holiday season and revitalize your mind, body and spirit!

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#WellnessWednesday Tip: The Perfect Pedicure

As chilly weather descends upon Chicago, we extend a Wellness Wednesday tip from NoMI Spa. Today, we discuss the perfect pedicure for the upcoming wintry months!


At NoMI Spa, we recognize that nail color is an essential element of a beautiful pedicure. Pedicure polish can certainly go through phases, from dark cherry, to bright coral, to candy-colored purple and glitter, just to name just a few. Many individuals will go from pedicure to pedicure, without stopping to let their toes go natural between polishes. However, the most nourished feet are smooth, soft, well-moisturized- and polish free! Winter is an excellent time to rejuvenate and refresh to regain healthy and beautiful feet.

For buffing to be as head-turning as fire engine-red toes, your feet need to look their best. Here are some tips:

  • Get in the habit of scrubbing your soles and heels every time you bathe and follow with body oil or moisturizer all over your feet (be sure to massage into your cuticles to keep them soft). At night, go for a thicker moisturizer.
  • Keep your feet protected from the sun during the day so they stay wrinkle-free in the future.
  • To top it off: buff. Look for a buffing block that is labeled with numbers or instructions on each side. You should start buffing (up and down or in circular motions) with the coarsest side of the buffing block and work your way to the finest side for the final buff.
  • Use the soft ends of the buffing block to brush away debris as you go.Done correctly, buffing will rid your nails of ridges and create a natural shine that looks almost like clear polish.

Buff is beautiful this holiday season!

NoMI Spa Special: February

Refresh, Revive Spa TreatmentsWarm up this winter at NoMI Spa. During the entire month of February, come experience everything NoMI has to offer, including our Winter Warm Up package, which includes a 45 minute Signature Facial and 45 minute Custom Massage plus a complimentary box of Ikaati tea. This package is offered for $200 (gratuity not included, total retail value $250) throughout February 2014.

For more information, call 312.239.4200, e-mail or visit our website.

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Winter Warm Up With NoMI Spa

Ikaati park hyatt chicago nomi spa

NoMI Spa’s gift to you will launch you into 2014 with warmth and wellness. During the entire month of January, come experience the best of NoMI Spa with our Winter Warm up package which includes our 45 minute Signature Facial and 45 minute Custom Massage with a complimentary box of Ikaati wellness tea you can take home to enjoy and keep you warm all winter.

This package is available for $200 (gratuity not included, total retail value $250) throughout January. Happy New Year from all of us at NoMI Spa!

For more information, call 312.239.4200, e-mail or visit our website.

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25 Days of Zen

25 Days of ZenWe are excited to unveil our “25 Days of Zen,” at NoMI Spa, helping you to stay stress-free and revitalized throughout the hectic holiday season.

This December, we hope to inspire you with a dash of positivity, a health and wellness tip, or a special promotion to book a rejuvenating treatment in NoMI Spa. These special promotions that we announce can only be booked on the day of the post, so make sure to check our Facebook page every day for a new surprise!

We at Park Hyatt Chicago hope that this holiday season, you will take a moment to breathe in the magic that surrounds you, and exhale peace and thankfulness. Throughout the duration of our “25 Days of Zen,” we hope to send a simple and sweet reminder of the forces of zen present in our everyday lives, and invite you to welcome them into your own life.

Visit our Facebook Page or Twitter Account to see today’s special offer! 

For more information, call 312.239.4200 or e-mail

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Wednesday Wellness Tip: Betsy Wickliffe


At NoMI Spa, wellness extends far beyond the spa doors. Today we share our Wednesday Wellness tip from our NoMI Spa Concierge, Betsy Wickliffe:

The greatest of all wealth is health. Your health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Sometimes we work so hard to preserve the health of the body that we forget to take care of our mind. Take time to relax and meditate and remember that the most healthiest are the ones that take care of their mind first.

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Wednesday Wellness Tip: Kathy Pratt


At NoMI Spa, wellness extends far beyond the spa doors. Today we share our Wednesday Wellness tip from one of our NoMI Spa Nail Technicians, Kathy Pratt:

At NoMI Spa, promoting awareness is critical. Throughout the month of October, we are focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness Month; being conscious of what products you apply to your skin is extremely important. Treat yourself to wHet or Deborah Lippmann products when caring for your skin, and be sure to relax and accessorize your fingers and toes tailored to the specific season. Choose products that are free of harsh chemicals and make the decision to pamper yourself with purpose.

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