Park “I Do’s”

Congratulations, William & Patrycja!

Photography:  Rubin R. Roche

Where did you meet?

I was in LA on holiday visiting my best friend and she invited the boy she was seeing over to her house.  He suggested and we spend the evening having cocktails on at a trendy LA rooftop hotel and he invited his friend William.  William and I spent the entire night talking under a twinkle lights tree, it was like out of a movie.

Where did he propose?

Though William grew up in Los Angeles his family is originally from Chicago.   His grandfather was one of the original Mad Men and his grandmother was a well known Chicago model.  His grandparents got engaged in the Pump Room at booth #1 in the 1940’s.  In the summer of 2011 the Pump Room re-opened it’s doors.  For our engagement, William reserved booth #1 and proposed at the same place his grandparents got engaged using his grandmother’s ring box.

Honeymoon Spot:

We did things very nontraditional.  We eloped in Kauai, Hawaii at the St. Regis Hotel.  It was just the two of us, our minister and photographer.  For our family and friend’s celebration we chose Chateau Marmont in LA and NoMI in Chicago.   For our honeymoon we are planning to spend a month in Italy, Greece and Turkey this summer.

Favorite NoMI appetizer at wedding:

The steak tartar

What kind of cake did you have:

We didn’t have a traditional wedding cake

Who caught the bouquet:

We joke around that it was our butler from the St.Regis caught the bouquet but there was no traditional toss which took place.

Happy New Year to Mr. & Mrs. Rubenstein!

We hope you enjoyed your first holiday season as a married couple.

Where did you  meet?

My Husband’s Aunt Reva actually set the two of us up. She was planning a party for my family at the time and suggested I met her nephew. She said we both seemed to have a lot in common and that we might be a good match. At the time I wasn’t so thrilled about going on a blind date, little did I know that this man would end up being my husband! Adam and I ended up going for a drink at Lux Bar and talked about all the things we had in common (including the large difference between us and our siblings). Adam’s aunt Reva who introduced us planned our beautiful wedding at Park Hyatt Chicago and till this day we both call her our fairy godmother.

Where did he propose?

Adam’s proposal is one of my dad’s favorite stories to share. Before he tells anyone this story he sates “Adam is the smartest guy I know, he got Siera into a Museum”. Adam somehow persuaded me to go to the Field Museum with his nephew one day which I’m not going to lie about, I wasn’t thrilled. The thought of spending the day with 100’s of 7 year olds looking at dinosaurs wasn’t my idea of a day off. However, when he told me it was for his little newphew- I couldn’t resist. When we got to the museum Adam said his family was running a little bit late so let’s kill some time by looking in the hall of gems (at this point he knew me so well- that by keeping me occupied by looking at beautiful jewelry would do the trick). When we got into the hall of gems my eyes were going all over the places, looking at rubies, emeralds, sapphires I basically wanted to just move in. Well by the time we were making our rounds to the end of the room Adam pointed to a display case where a single engagement ring was displayed. I looked even closer and saw a small sign that read “Siera Seedman will you mary me? Love, Adam Rubenstein”. I read it with disbelief that that was my ring, looked back at him and said “Are you sure THAT is MY ring?” He of course said yes and the rest was history! And by the way, his nephew was never there- it was just a sneaky move to get me into the museum!

Honeymoon Spot:

Sunday after our wedding Adam and I jetted off to London, then to Paris (we stayed at Park Hyatt naturally) and then ended in the South of France.

Favorite NoMI appetizer at wedding:

My favorite NoMI appetizer was the mini Chicago hot dogs!!! Everyone who’s anyone knows that NoMI has the BEST food and when we were doing our food tasting for the wedding it was nearly impossible to narrow down everything we had tried. The reason I loved the hot dogs so much was because it made you feel a little less formal and something that really represented Chicago and us as a couple! And of course these weren’t any mini hot dogs, they were NoMI mini hot dogs (which makes them 10 times more delish). 

What kind of cake did you have:

Our wedding cake was from Sarah’s Pastries and Candies on Oak street. My one request for my wedding cake was to have it be a replica of my parents cake. My grandfather was a baker and passed away when I was younger. He put so much pride into making my parents cake, I wanted to replicate that for us. Sarah’s bakery did a wonderful job of replicating it but at the same time making it modern and our own. It was a really special moment for my myself, my mom and my grandmother.

Who caught the bouquet:

My girlfriend Sam from growing up caught the bouquet! It was such a fun thing to do, since I was the first one out of all my girl friends to get married! Looks like Sam’s next!


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