Chef Paul

Paul  1
Paul Dobroski serves as Chef de Cuisine at the award-winning NoMI Kitchen at Park Hyatt Chicago.  Formerly Banquet Chef for the hotel, Dobroski’s relentless drive and work ethic, has allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks.

Since joining the NoMI team as a line cook in 2008, he has shown an enormous amount of respect, appreciation and dedication to his craft garnering accolades and praise within the company. In June, Dobroski, 30, was named the winner of Hyatt’s “The Good Taste” Culinary Competition for the Midwest region where he competed against nine other Hyatt chef’s in a test of their culinary prowess.

Learning from his father, an always-entertaining gourmand, and his mother, a full-time worker who always put an inspired meal on the table, Dobroski’s interest in food started young and developed into a cooking philosophy that is rooted in using quality ingredients.  He then honed his skills by studying classic French-style at the iconic Everest restaurant under the renowned Chef J. Joho and Chef Thierry Tritsch from 2005 to 2008. With the flawless technique learned during his tenure at Everest paired with Executive Chef LaRoche’s inspiration to weave personality and story to his cooking, Dobroski focuses on crafting flavorful, balanced dishes with aesthetically exciting presentations.


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